Andrew T. Stasky
Original art direct from the artist's son.

Andrew T. Stasky


I am Andrew A. (Skip) Stasky and Andrew T. was my dad.  

My brother Glenn and I own many of his original works, a few unsigned as he passed away preparing for an art show and didn't get a chance to sign them.  

There are many hundreds of Stasky watercolors in circulation and only 5 were reproduced.  There are even a handful of oil and acrylic paintings out there but they are quite old and were most likely painted while dad was in high school in Great Neck, NY or in college at RIT.  

I often receive emails from people around the world that have my dad's works and they share their experiences of how they acquired them and their thoughts about the particular piece.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions and if I can be of any help I will try.  


Thank you all for your interest in dad's work. 


Andrew "Skip" Stasky

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